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Letter Of Intent

Ellbogen Meritorious Schools

Guidelines – Letter of Intent to Participate

  1. Letter of Intent to Participate to be received by close of business March 31 each year.
  2. Letters must be emailed to:  Mary Garland, President John P. Ellbogen Foundation at mleg0@yahoo.com
  3. Letters should be limited to 5 pages and must include the following information:

Name and address of the school

Names and contact information for the leader(s) of this school initiative

Profile of the school to include a comprehensive description of:

  • the grade levels served in the building;
  • the numbers of certified professional staff that teach full-time or are assigned to the school on a fractional basis, and their assignments; 
  • the student population to include socio-economic levels, at-risk factors and strengths;
  • the commitment of the certified professionals and staff members in the building to excellence in education and a specific action example of this commitment;
  • the number of National Board Certified Teachers in the building and percentage of certified professional staff that this represents

A statement from the building leader and district superintendent regarding their commitment to the Ellbogen Meritorious School Program and how they will participate and support the program throughout the time of the school’s participation.

4.  The letter must have the signature of the building leader and district superintendent.
5.  Letters informing schools of their status in the program will be sent no later than May 1 each year.

Contact Us

Please contact either Barb Maguire, our Lead Facilitator or Mary Ellbogen Garland, President of the John P. Ellbogen Foundation with questions or comments.

(307) 259-6480 (Barb)

(307) 761-1898 (Mary)

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