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Step By Step Guide

Candidate Support

Becoming a Candidate

  to https://www.nbpts.org/national-board-certification/candidate-center/.

2. Register and confirm you meet the eligibility requirements.

3. Read the different sections for information purposes.

4. Pay the $75 annual registration fee. This fee must be paid before January 21, 2024 or before you attend a workshop (whichever comes first), to be eligible to receive financial assistance from the Initiative.

5. Pay  your portion of the fees:


Component Candidate Portion* WNBCI Portion*
First Component $475 $0
Second Component $355 $120
Third Component $120 $355
Fourth Component $0 $475


6. Go to www.wnbci.org.

7. At www.wnbci.org, go to the Workshop tab and note the dates for the upcoming workshops. Attendance at the workshops is optional, but highly recommended.

8. Register for the Running Start (RS) Workshop. Stay online until your letter of confirmation comes up. Download and keep this letter and follow the instructions for Workshop preparation. The Candidate is responsible for transportation to and from the workshop and evening meals. The Initiative will require double occupancy – two National Board candidates – for approved overnight stays. 

9. Make your room reservation at the specified hotel and in the Ellbogen room block. The hotel information is given with the workshop information. Please provide your personal credit card number to the hotel for incidentals like phone calls, movies or room service. If you cannot attend the workshop, you are responsible for cancelling the room reservation. The Initiative cannot pay for “no shows.” The Initiative will only pay half of the block room rate for each candidate.  Should a candidate opt for a single room they will be responsible for the remaining amount.

10. Sign the Candidate Support Fees Policy and submit it to Mary Garland before January 21, 2024. If you have any questions regarding the policy please talk to Mary BEFORE you sign it.

11. Please read the Candidate Support Provider/Candidate Agreement to fully understand the working relationship you may have with the Initiative’s Candidate Support Providers (CSP’s). CSP’s will provide assistance, but there are ethical boundaries that must be adhered to.

12. In the event that you are unable to complete all the stated assessment requirements, you have the option to formally withdraw through the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards prior to the submission of any portfolio entries and/or assessment center exercises. Withdrawal must be completed within the timelines set by the National Board. A timely withdrawal will relieve you of your responsibilities to the Initiative. However, should you not undertake a timely withdrawal or complete all component requirements and your status is therefore reported by the National Board as “No Score”, “Incomplete” or “No Attempt”, reimbursement in the amount contributed by the Wyoming National Board Certification Initiative will be required by February 1 in the year following your candidacy

13. Congratulations!! You are now a NBC Candidate and we welcome you aboard. If you have any questions or requests, please contact Barbara Maguire, bgail59@gmail.com or Mary Garland, mleg0@yahoo.com.

14. The Initiative is committed to providing financial assistance, professional development and technical support to all candidates. Our goal is candidate success and we partner with candidates to achieve that goal. To maximize this partnership, the Initiative asks candidates to be aware of the responsibilities and policies found in this guide.

Contact Us

Please contact either Barb Maguire, our Lead Facilitator or Mary Ellbogen Garland, President of the John P. Ellbogen Foundation with questions or comments.

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