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Candidate Support

Candidate Support Fees Policy

The Wyoming National Board Certification Initiative recognizes the value of accomplished teachers in Wyoming classrooms and schools. To increase the number of National Board Certified Teachers in Wyoming, the Initiative provides financial assistance as part of its support of active candidates.

One of the requirements for candidates to receive the financial support is to complete this candidate support fees policy.  If you have any questions about the policy, please feel free to email Mary Garland (mleg0@yahoo.com) or Barb Maguire (bgail59@gmail.com).


First Attempt and Retake Candidates:

We will pay up to $950 in assessment fees for first-time submission of the four components and up to $950 of retake fees through support received from the John P. Ellbogen Foundation. Candidates who elect to accept this financial support agree to submit complete components within the timelines set by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.

In the event that you are unable to complete all the stated assessment requirements, you have the option to formally withdraw through the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards prior to the submission of any components. Withdrawal must be completed within the timelines set by the National Board. A timely withdrawal will relieve you of your responsibilities to the Initiative However, should you not undertake a timely withdrawal or complete all component requirements and your status is therefore reported by the National Board as “No Score”, “Incomplete” or “No Attempt”, reimbursement of assessment fees contributed by the Wyoming National Board Certification Initiative as well as any associated legal and collection expenses will be required by February 1 in the year following your candidacy. Below is a table of these fee structures.


Component Candidate Portion* WNBCI Portion*
First Component $475 $0
Second Component $355 $120
Third Component $120 $355
Fourth Component $0 $475

 *These amounts do not include the annual registration fee required by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.

 The Initiative reserves the right to deny financial support when candidates do not complete all of the requirements of the process. All candidates will sign this policy as a statement of their understanding and acceptance of these conditions. Financial support will not be granted until this requirement is met.

I have read and understand the policy above and agree to meet all of the stated expectations for each year that I am a candidate.

Print Name______________________________  Date___________

Signature_______________________________ Year of Candidacy    ________

Please submit this signed policy (No later than January 21, 2024) to:

Mary Garland via email attachment   mleg0@yahoo.com

Revised – June 2022

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Please contact either Barb Maguire, our Lead Facilitator or Mary Ellbogen Garland, President of the John P. Ellbogen Foundation with questions or comments.

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