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Graduate Credit FAQ

Will there be classes offered to help me proceed through the National Board Certification process?

Yes, a series of workshops are offered through the Wyoming National Board Certification Initiative each semester. 

Graduate-level Curriculum and Instruction credit is available for these workshops. These courses are designed to support teachers as they grow as professionals and simultaneously proceed through the Board Certification process and the UW Master’s program. 

Where will the classes be offered?

The workshops are offered around the state of Wyoming to allow participation across the state. Dates and locations for upcoming workshops can be found on this website. Participants enroll in the courses through UW Outreach Credit Programs (toll free phone number: 1-800-448-7801). Up to 9 total credit hours of the workshops can be taken by enrolled graduate students. Up to 9 total workshop credit hours may be applied as electives in the Curriculum and Instruction Master’s program. 

Who will teach these classes?

The workshops are taught by a team of facilitators lead by Barbara Maguire, a Nationally Board Certified teacher and expert in the NBC process.

How many times can I take the NBC class?

Graduate students/National Board Candidates can enroll in the workshops as many times as necessary/desired. For those seeking graduate degrees, up to 9 credits can be applied to the Curriculum and Instruction Master’s degree program as elective hours dependent upon the student’s committee approval.

Will I need to complete a Thesis or Plan B paper to finish my C&I degree?

No, the NBC Portfolios will be accepted in lieu of a Plan B Paper for teachers pursuing National Board Certification and a UW Master’s degree. This acceptance is dependent upon committee approval, not acceptance by the National Board. An agreement to utilize this procedure and maintain portfolio confidentiality has been reached between UW and the NBPTS. 

What about tuition?

Students will pay regular graduate tuition for the workshop classes. The current UW fee schedule can be found at the following website: UW Tuition and Fee Schedule

If I am already a National Board Certified teacher, can I apply my NBC work retroactively to a graduate degree?

No, the program is designed for those working on National Board Certification and a Curriculum & Instruction graduate degree simultaneously.

How do I apply for a UW Curriculum and Instruction Graduate Program?

The graduate application and other information can found at this link: http://ed.uwyo.edu/c_i/

What if I have Additional Questions?

If you have additional questions, please contact:

Allen Trent, UW Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Alan Buss, UW Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Linda Hutchison UW Department of Curriculum and Instruction

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Please contact either Barb Maguire, our Lead Facilitator or Mary Ellbogen Garland, President of the John P. Ellbogen Foundation with questions or comments.

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