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Exemplary Recognition

Ellbogen Meritorious Schools

How to Achieve Exemplary Recognition

Objective:  Schools will increase percentage of staff that have achieved National Board Certification by 10% from the initial Ellbogen Meritorious School Award. Teachers will be encouraged and supported by WNBCI and by their school and district in their candidacy. 

  • Fee Support:  up to $950 contingent on the completion of all four components and registration within the WNBCI deadlines
  • Workshop Support:  all associated costs except transportation and incidentals
  • Award:  $1,000 minimum, $5,000 maximum discretionary grant payable per school when program requirements are met.  Use of the award to be determined by all teachers in collaboration with the building principal(s).  Award will be paid at $500 per new National Board Certified Teacher within the stated minimum and maximum.
  • Award:  “Exemplary Status Achievement” plaque in recognition of the National Board Certified Teachers in the school.  Ellbogen Foundation staff will make an on-site presentation of the award at the request of the school.
  • Exemplary recognition is available only to those schools that have achieved Ellbogen Meritorious School status.
  • The program will be evaluated annually and continued based on satisfactory results

For more information:

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards:  www.nbpts.org

Wyoming National Board Certification Initiative:  www.wnbci.org

Contact:  Mary Garland  mleg0@yahoo.com

** Due to significant variances in demographics among schools and districts in Wyoming, the Foundation will negotiate details in order to best serve local needs and to meet our objectives and goals.  Final requirements will be agreed upon and stated in the letter of acceptance. 

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