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Development and Application Process

Recognizing the significant value of accomplished teachers beyond the classroom, the Wyoming National Board Certification Initiative offers leadership opportunities to Wyoming’s accomplished teachers who have earned their National Board Certification. So that the Initiative meets its own expectations of inclusion and equity for all NBCTs, the following development and application process is provided for NBCTs interested in facilitating candidate workshops for the Initiative.

After certification, NBCTs interested in becoming a workshop facilitator must first become a Candidate Support Provider (CSP) by attending and completing both the basic and advanced levels of the training. The Initiative will provide at least one CSP Basic and Advanced Training Program per year for interested individuals (not limited to NBCTs) and will pay for necessary lodging, some meals, materials and the cost of the consultants.

Upon completion of the CSP Training and after one year of supporting active candidates, CSPs must attend a full Running Start Workshop to learn the framework for the workshop and the content of the sessions. Additionally, the CSP should closely observe the presentation strategies, the interactions among the facilitators and the participants and participate in debriefing sessions with Initiative facilitators.

If interest is still strong, CSP’s submit a letter of intent to the Lead Facilitator stating what pieces of the content are of most interest to them, describing their experiences in leading sessions with their peers and providing specific experiences that have prepared them to work with adult learners. The timeline for submission of this letter is within two weeks of the last day of the Running Start Workshop they attended.

CSPs who submit a letter of intent will be assigned a piece of content to present at one of the next Running Start Workshops and will be paid $250 for this presentation. The Initiative will also pay for mileage, lodging and some meals. The presentation sessions will be observed and evaluated by the Lead Facilitator and the participants.
CSPs who complete steps one through four above will be invited to facilitate workshops only by the Lead Facilitator or Initiative Director as opportunities arise. The Initiative will have a minimum of two facilitators for each workshop. The approved ratio of facilitators to participants is 1/10 with a maximum. Facilitators will be added when registration numbers demonstrate the need for additional presenters.

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