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Candidate fee support

Candidate Fee Support

Applying for Candidate Fee Support from WNBCI

The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) now requires full payment at the time of selection  for each component a candidate plans to complete each year.  The Wyoming National Board Certification Initiative (WNBCI) will make payment to the NBPTS, which will then allocate the funds to candidates’  accounts in the form of a coupon. Each coupon is component specific, so we need to know which components each candidate plans  to complete during this 2022-2023 candidate cycle.  Please be thoughtful in deciding what components to do, as it will be difficult to make changes to payments once they are made.

Payment requests will be processed by WNBCI on the second and fourth Wednesday each month until the deadline.  It will take approximately 10 days for coupons to be placed on candidate accounts by the NBPTS.

Our payments will be the same as in the past, as per the chart shown on the candidate support fees policy.  In order to be eligible for any payment, a candidate must pay the $75 annual registration fee, complete the form below, and return a candidate fees policy to Mary Garland.  The deadline for this is January 21, 2023.  


Candidate fees policy and payment table can be found here.

Please contact Mary Garland (mleg0@yahoo.com) with any questions regarding fee support.


Please complete the registration form below.  


Candidate Fee Support

This form allows candidates to communicate to WNBCI regarding which components they will be doing in the 2022-2023 candidate cycle.
Components for 2022-2023

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